October 20, 2022

20 years have gone by – two decades.

Seven thousand three hundred days.

And Danvers Family Doctors is still unwavering in its
mission to provide quality care for our patients.

Through economic swings, and a pandemic that shook the foundation of a nation and world, our belief in our mission statement has been unwavering, and at the base of it all is “family.” Technology has advanced over the past few years to better communicate with our patients and offer different options for care from Telehealth to Remote Patient Monitoring.

Dr. Bhattacharya has been a fundamental force behind these changes in our practice and has never wavered in his dedication and commitment to the vision Fred Rimmele had. Like everything else he did in life, Dr. Rimmele’s mission was clear. The newfound practice would serve to provide the same quality of care that the Family Practice Health Center had done, and he would be part of it. With his eye for detail, Fred had listed out his vision and plan for the practice very early in the transition. Fred never lived to see his project come to life. On his way to California for a Family Medicine conference, he became one of the victims on board United Airlines flight 175 in the awful tragedy of September 11. Since then, Dr. Bhattacharya has wanted to be sure that his legacy will live on and that he will be remembered.

Today, this practice, which is dedicated to his memory, still endeavors to achieve his vision with our patient-centered standard of care. The addition of Jen, Sara and Hayley has given our team a strong foundation to allow us to continue to strive toward Dr. Rimmele’s dream.