Icon™ Laser: Repair and Refresh Damaged Skin with Photorejuvenation

It’s said that you should love your skin, but it would be easier to do so if you could smooth out or get rid of some of its flaws. Your skin ages in the same way that the majority of your body’s components do. 

Discoloration, freckles, and brown spots are signs of aging skin, adventures in life, and exposure to the sun. Your appearance can be harmed by scars and other marks. Some of these flaws can be covered up with makeup, but a photo rejuvenation treatment with the IconTM laser can help get rid of or make those markings look better.

How does the IconTM laser help your skin? 

The IconTM laser is a combination of a fractional laser and an intense pulse light (IPL) system that, when used in a variety of settings, can help your skin by reducing facial hair, fading scars, and getting rid of facial veins.

The IconTM laser technology delivers light pulses that travel deep beneath the surface of your skin and encourage the growth of new, rejuvenated, and repaired skin.

How does photorejuvenation work?

Photorejuvenation, also known as a photofacial, intense pulse light, or IPL, uses high-intensity light pulses to treat damaged blood vessels and dark spots on your face, arms, décolleté, or back while leaving the surrounding skin alone.

The light pulses make collagen, a protein that your body naturally makes but gets less of as you get older, stronger. Skin appears firmer, younger, and more youthful thanks to collagen.

What can be expected during an IconTM laser session? 

The procedure typically lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the areas being treated. This can result in tighter-looking skin, reduced brown sports appearance, and more even skin tone. In order to keep your skin cool and comfortable during the procedure, we typically apply a numbing cream prior to the treatment at Danvers Family Doctors, P.C.

We use a handheld device to focus on your problem areas during the procedure. During the procedure, you might feel a zing or burn. It has been compared to the snap of a rubber band, according to some. The treatment goes over well with the majority of people.

Depending on your skin goals, we may recommend two sessions spaced a few weeks apart for maximum results.

What to expect following an Icon laser session 

One of the advantages of the IconTM laser is that it does not require any downtime. After the treatment, you might be a little red, but that should go away soon. You are able to resume your regular routine.

Expect the brown spots on your face to become darker and a little crusty shortly after the treatment before disappearing. This is typical of the IPL procedure. You’ll have skin that looks younger, clearer, and smoother after they disappear.

Make sure you moisturize and protect your skin from the sun after your treatment. Your skin’s appearance and youthfulness can be maintained over time with annual maintenance treatments.

Call Danvers Family Doctors in Danvers, Massachusetts, to learn more about how the IconTM laser can improve your skin and make you look younger.