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Although pimples go away, their scars can last a lifetime. Visit Danvers Family Doctors, P.C. in Danvers, Massachusetts, for acne scar reduction. It is possible to smooth out scars and give your skin an even, flawless appearance using ICON laser technology. You can book a consultation using the one-click scheduling system or call the office right away to get started.

Acne Scar Reduction Q & A

What is acne scar reduction?

Scars from acne can take many different forms, sizes, and shapes. Acne scar reduction can smooth out your skin and correct imperfections, regardless of the type of scars that you present, which can be rolling, raised, or icepick scars.

The ICON laser system delivers precise, intense pulses of light that reach the skin’s deeper layers. The natural production of new collagen and elastin, the building blocks of supple, healthy skin, is sparked by this. Scars begin to fill in or even disappear over time as new, damaged skin cells replace the old ones.

What should I expect at my appointment?

A customized skin care assessment precedes your acne scar reduction session. This lets your doctor know how your skin will react to the laser and how many times you might need to have it done to get the best results.

Your provider will use a small, handheld laser to gently stimulate the skin during the actual treatment. Most people don’t feel any pain, though you might feel a little tingling. Depending on how big your treatment area is, a typical session only lasts a few minutes.

You can go about your normal activities after your appointment. After your treatment, your skin may feel slightly tender or sensitive for several hours. Any discomfort can be alleviated with the use of a cold compress or prescription painkillers.

What kinds of outcomes can acne scar reduction produce?

Acne scar reduction with the ICON laser technology is a powerful and efficient treatment that works on all skin types. You may not see full results until several weeks or months after your last session due to the fact that collagen production and the renewal of skin cells take time.

Depending on the depth or severity of the scarring, most individuals benefit from several sessions at the very least. However, immediate results can be observed by some people, such as a complexion that appears more youthful and brighter.

Laser therapy for acne scars is a simple, non-invasive treatment that works great on even the most stubborn skin. Danvers Family Doctors, P.C. offers consultations for acne scar reduction. To get started, simply use the one-click scheduler or call the office to speak with a helpful team member.