Pennie Rue

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Pennie Rue

Emotional Support Therapy dog

Pennie Rue was born on 12/26/2021 in Gap, Pa.

She is a pure breed Mini Poodle weighing in at 6 pounds. She is an Emotional Support Therapy dog, and her Owner/Handler is Sydney. Pennie Rue lives in a home with 2 other dogs that are Husky Mixes, and they are her best friends. Needless to say, she runs the roost.

Pennie Rue enjoys car rides, shopping, walks, playing with her toys and other dogs. Most of all she loves attention: being petted; belly rubs; and falling asleep in someone’s lap.

Pennie Rue can be found at the front desk with her loving Nana, Holly, 1-2 days a week but mostly on Thursdays.