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Why do I need to call when I make my Specialist Appointment and have Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Blue Cross, or Allways?

We understand that scheduling an appointment can be a time-consuming task especially when dealing with Specialist offices. Just a little clarification for our terminology which can seem so redundant but is necessary to follow all your insurance guidelines.

When you receive a printout from our providers, this is a Referral Order. This is a paper reminder for you to call the physician of your choice in our circle to make an appointment (The updated list from NEPHO is on our website for your convenience).

Once you make the appointment with the Specialist Office, a call needs to be made back to Danvers Family Doctors Referral Line (#3) so that we can than start the Insurance Referral process with the name of the provider you chose, the NPI# of either the group or the provider, best FAX number for the referral to be sent to, and the date of your appointment. For your convenience, you can certainly send a Portal Message thru Athena with this information to us.