How the Icon™ Laser Can Renew Your Appearance

The IconTM system employs a multifaceted laser that can enhance your skin’s appearance in numerous ways. The Icon laser can help you get rid of acne scars that have been bothering you for years, get rid of those annoying hairs on your chin that have started to grow, or get rid of the lines, wrinkles, and brown spots that are signs of aging skin.

However, it can also do more to improve your appearance. This is the very thing that we at Danvers Family Specialists believe you should be familiar with these and other Symbol laser skin administrations.

How does the Icon laser system work?

Icon is a good fractional laser system that can do a lot of different things to improve your skin in different settings. It works by sending light pulses beneath the surface of the skin.

Depending on the treatment area and desired outcomes, most people require three to five sessions spaced a few weeks apart for all Icon laser skin and hair removal services to be most effective. Some people experience mild swelling and redness near the treatment area after the treatment, but this goes away in a day or two.

How the Icon laser can improve your appearance 

Regardless of your skin care requirements, our specialists at Danvers Family Doctors will first meet with you for a consultation in order to develop a bespoke skin care treatment plan. Treatment choices include:

Acne scar reduction 

Pimples, regrettably, ruin your appearance both when they are visible and when they leave acne scars. Acne scars can be raised, referred to as hypertrophic or keloid scarring, or they can be depressed, referred to as atrophic scars.

By increasing the production of collagen and elastin, the Icon laser is able to treat both types of acne scars. These two types of scars can either be filled in or smoothed out over time.

Facial Pigmentation 

Brown spots, marks, or blotches on your face, also known as facial pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or facial discoloration, can make you look older and detract from your appearance. These marks can be caused by aging, prolonged exposure to the sun, and pregnancy.

Beams of focused light are directed at the affected areas by the Icon laser, which makes use of photorejuvenation technology. These marks eventually disappear after treatment, leaving skin that is clearer and smoother.

Treatment for facial veins 

Although swollen veins on your legs can be unsightly, at least you can hide them. You’re not so fortunate if you have facial veins. These squiggly red and blue veins are unaffected by makeup. By causing damage to the vein wall and causing it to collapse and shrink without harming the skin around it, Icon laser technology can minimize the appearance of small facial veins.

Laser hair decrease

If by some stroke of good luck hair would develop where you need it to — and just where you need it to. Tragically, it can grow on your jawline, cheeks, lips, and obviously, your underarms, swimsuit line, and legs. While tweezing, waxing, and shaving do the job, they are not very long-lasting and can be time-consuming. Anywhere on your body, laser hair removal can reduce the amount of unwanted hair.

The Icon laser destroys the hair follicle by destroying it deep within the hair root and causing hair loss. Since your hair fills in cycles, numerous medicines are important to ensure we hit all hair development cycles to deliver the greatest hair decrease.

Call Danvers Family Doctors in Danvers, Massachusetts, to learn more about how the Icon laser system can help you look younger and improve the appearance of your skin.